Welcome to the realm of Cherry Fizz!

Welcome to Cherry Fizz

Why Howdy there!

I’m Cherry, and this is my realm of magickal media. A media network, but infused with the artistry and witchery that provides the background fabric of my existence.

As a multifaceted bit of human data doing her best, I love stretching my brain as far as she can go and just hold on like hell, just happy to be along for the ride.

And right now, where I am stretching to is creating a realm of magickal media for neurosparkly type people.

In short: creating the resources I wish had existed at the beginnings of my witchy journey, my media journey, and my neurosparkly life journey.

This will be my central personal journal – any network updates, my podcast, and other such things will live here.

If you wanna get into a particular topic, here’s the 3 websites I’m starting with in this network.

And this site will feature network updates, press coverage, and whatever else I feel like putting here. 😜

Looking to build your ULTIMATE Digital Book of Shadows? Check out the Witchypedia template & course – built on the Notion app (think Lego-meets-Wikipedia.) Includes bonus Notion Nuts & Bolts course.

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