Welcome to the Cherry Fizz Network

Hi, I'm Cherry!

Friendly neighborhood witch, singer songwriter photographer web designer graphic designer swiss-army-media-human who loves to mix my magick and my media to make stuff that’s awesome. Nice to meetcha!

This here is my webnetwork – turns out, as a multiversal being, I couldn’t stick to just ONE thing to talk about.

Instead of trying to cram it all into one “everything” website, I decided to split it up to make navigating this multiverse a little easier. 

What's this network about?

Living your best life through magick, media, and whatever I’m excited to teach you about at any given time. And honestly a big ol’ scoop of the Notion application, I’m a big ol’ geek for this app.

Cherry Fizz – My personal projects, what I’m up to, and general network updates.

Majorly Arcana – Learn how to make more magick in your life. Here’s where I teach tarot, astrology, human design, all things magickal, witchy, occultish and esoteric. 

The Glimmeress – A site to help you live your best neurosparkly life using Notion & magick means. This is less “here’s how to learn magick” and more of “here’s how to make your most magickal life” – it’s all about crafting your life the way YOU want (with an emphasis on YOUR unique sparkly brain.)

Geeky Girl Friday – This site acts as part skills portfolio and part teaching tool. I love making media, and I especially love infusing media with magick. If you need to start itching your creativity, this is the place to check out.

All my offerings

Below is all of my offerings – free AND paid – click around and see if there’s something you like.

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Want to make more magick? Get the Witch 101 kit! This kit includes:

  • FREE Book of Shadows Printable
  • FREE “Witch 101: Guide to Surviving the Magickal Wilderness” PDF
  • FREE 10-Day email course “Make More Magick”

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“Tarot This Journal” is a Witchables Printable full of playful prompts to take your knowledge of tarot cards, oracle cards, symbols and colors deeper. Dive deep into your divination with “Tarot This Journal!” 

(Note: This printable is included as part of “Clever Cardslingin'” and “Witch Your Way with Notion!”)

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“Seasonal Spreads” is a digital printable full of card spreads for your entire year.

This printable cartomancy journal includes spread themes like: “Welcome to the Season”, “Seasonal Activities”, and spreads celebrating the pagan Wheel of the Year holidays.

Learn about yourself all year long with the Seasonal Spreads printable!

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Sometimes you just feel like you need to get your sh*t together – let’s go a little fancier and get your SPARKLE together!

Look I’ve been there – a neurospicy noggin full of TOO MANY IDEAS and ALL THE GOALS I wanna accomplish, with no real great way to organize it all.

This is a mini-course to help you get your sparkliest self together, so you can focus on making more magick!

(Note: This mini-course is also available as part of Witch Your Way with Notion)

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Want to rapidly improve your cartomancy skills?

This ain’t your typical tarot course – we’re going beyond any sort of “official” meaning and focusing on how to deeply tap into your intuition to read ANY card, even if you’ve never read them before.

This is my years of tarot & oracle card reading experience (including professional readings & events) boiled down into a single course to give you ways to instantly interpret any tarot or oracle card that you come across.

(Note: This mini-course is also available as part of Witch Your Way with Notion)

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You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is?

And even if you do – do you know how to allow yourself to get there?

Part witchcraft. Part practical steps. Part life as story.

(And all Notion app all the time…)

Move past “what should I do” to “here’s what I’m doing” when it comes to living your destiny with Witch Your Way with Notion.

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This is a quick card draw that I’ll drop off in the social media platform of your choice by voice/video memo, or I’ll email you a quick Loom video with your reading.

You need a quick “pop!” of advice from the cards, and I’m here to help.

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You’re here cause you need guidance of SOME sort. Luckily, I’m just the person to help you with that. Think of me like an unofficial guidance counselor from the Universe, direct to you to be of service.

You know that by working with me, you’re gonna get clarity via a 1:1 hour session; I offer Rainbow Readings (tarot/oracle), Star Strategy (astrology/human design), and Creative Conduit (little bit of both for your business & creative projects.)

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