Embrace Your Magick

At Cherry Fizz, we create magickal media.

We play with the worlds of imagination and the occult.

We combine both to create magickal multimedia to educate, entertain, and inspire.

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Make More Magick

The old ways and new – we are here for the creative ways magick shows up in our lives. 

Magick is all about putting your intention into action to get results. 

Bringing your artistic projects to life is a form of magick, and life can be your greatest magickal art project of all.

We create magickal media and help you unlock your most magickal life.

What multiverse can I experience, if I let myself imagine, then create?

I’m happy to meet you, and I hope you get inspired to sculpt your slice of multiverse to your exact liking.


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Majorly Arcana
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Guess what?!

You're Fucking Magick.

You’ve always been magickal. Embrace your magick. 

You’re a multiverse of possibilities. Sculpt your multiverse to your liking.

We can sparkle more. We can sparkle together. There’s enough night sky for all of us.

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