Cherry Fizz

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[aboutbox icon=”tv” title=”MEDIA”]At Cherry Fizz, we create magickal media. We play with the worlds of imagination and occult. We combine both to create our shows, programs, and websites to keep you informed and entertained.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox icon=”magic” title=”MAGICK”]The old ways and new – we’re here for the creative ways magick shows up in our lives. Magick is all about putting your intention into a action to get results. Bringing your artistic projects to life is a form of magick.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox icon=”star” title=”SHARE”]We create magickal media, and chances are:  you do too. We help magickal artists share their creativity so we can sparkle together.[/aboutbox]
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You’re magick. Majorly Arcana is your portal to all things witchy, where you can awaken your power and embrace your magick.” content2=”


You’ve got a universe inside you that you wanna share. Sparkle Skills is your portal to all things to help you grow your world and share your universe.” content3=”


The night sky is beautiful not because of one star, but because of many. We create media and want to help others create and share their media too.” title=”A Day at the Office”]

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[servicebox icon=”storm” title=”MAGICK”]You’ve always been magickal.

Embrace your magick.[/servicebox]

[servicebox icon=”brush” title=”CREATIVITY”]You’re a universe of possibilities.

Share your universe.[/servicebox]

[servicebox icon=”diamond” title=”SPARKLE”]We can sparkle more.

We can sparkle together.[/servicebox]