"To paraphrase a favorite: Get messy. Make magick."

– Cherry


Hi, I'm Cherry

And this network is, uh, my “Fizz.”

I built this network because I have a lot I want to talk about, share, and teach.

Me? I’m a life long witch, artist, very chatty person with a love of being on stage performing (gotta love that Mercury in Leo!) 

Since I can’t be contained to one genre, I’m expanding outward instead of narrowing down, with a healthy sprinkling of magick added to everything in this network.

Check out Majorly Arcana if you want to learn about witchcraft, like how to be a witch, how to work with magick, learning tarot, learning astrology, theory, philosophy, and more! 

Check out The Glimmeress if you’re magickal, neurosparkly, and want to learn how to create systems that will help support your unique experience of magickal consciousness.

Check out Geeky Girl Friday if you’re interested in learning how to bring your own projects to life using media, systems, and a dash of magick!

And come back here to Cherry Fizz for main updates on everything I’m up to. 

My goal is to help you wrangle the world of witchcraft and magick by wrangling your brain. By understanding how your brain works, you’ll be able to create magick that works for YOUR unique circumstances.

The end result? You’ll know how to double-dutch between skepticism and spirituality so you can navigate the Magickal Wilderness, grant your own wishes, and kick start the next leg of your witchy journey.

Need some 1-on-1 guidance? Let’s chat.

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