Welcome to the Land of Cherry Fizz...

I'm your friendly neighborhood Cherry Godmother!

I'll teach you how to have a✨magickal✨ life.

Ready to start? Pull up a squashy arm chair, let's chat and have a cuppa!

Welcome to the Land of Cherry Fizz...

I'm your friendly neighborhood Cherry Godmother!

I'll teach you how to have a more ✨magickal✨ life.

Ready to start? Pull up a squashy arm chair, let's chat and have a cuppa!

Press play if you want some background ambience while we hang.


You're the hero in your own story. You walk the fandom path.

And guess what? 

You're just full of ✨magick.✨

And you have been this entire time.



I'm... magick?

Sooooo, yeah. You're full magick. Pretty rad, right?

I know this isn't Hogwarts or even Sabrina Spellman's epic freakin' spellbook, but I want Cherry Fizz to be an invaluable resource on your current and future adventures.

I'm your Cherry Godmother. It's sort if like a fairy godmother but instead of just granting wishes, I teach you the magick to make your dreams come true.

Sooooo... are sparks gonna fly out of your hands? Will you be able to curse people into toads? Will your body suddenly burst into the sky and fly away like Neo?

In my experience... no. If that happens, let me know & we'll try to study it. FOR SCIENCE!

So - a bit about you.

You're a geek. Bonus points if you’re an artist/creative type... I mean, art is its own form of magick, and there are definitely ways to combine your art and magick practices.

You’re looking to author your own story and improve your life exponentially.

You’re looking to find a way to make life more interesting and more magickal. Guess what? We can use symbolism, storytelling, an artistic attitude towards the symbols we grew up with and combine it with action to make life better, and start living out your dreams.

Let’s look at it as a system, a set of tools, that you can play with and take what you need to better your life.

You're here because you don't want to JUST make a wish, you also want to take ACTION. We’ve got you covered, we’ve got actionables & lifehacks as well as magick spells.

You want magick to be fun, and I'm totally the same way! And I’m alllllllll about that witchy aesthetic, oh yes.

So feel free to get your black dress on, find some robes - heck, cosplay or Disney-bound - and stick around.

We've got some FUN topics to discuss when it comes to magick. Oh yes.

So........... what is this place?

Welcome... to the Land of Cherry Fizz.

Cherry Fizz is part virtual spellbook, part big-sister-you-always-wanted, and 100% geeky.

This is a place to learn magick in a fun and accessible way with like minded nerds.

We're a magickally geeky place that’s inspired by writing your own hero’s journey. We love tweaking and lifehacking just as much as a good tarot reading. We're the types that make wishes AND take actions.

So - you might be all aboard the magick train, but you might be trying to reconcile your skeptics side with your magick side. At Cherry Fizz, I’ll try to talk about magick here from more of an artsy storyteller perspective.

Look - I love magick. I grew up studying it. But I also love science, reason, logic, and finding ways to balance all of it. (Insert Temperance card, amirite?)

Don’t get me wrong, when you’ve learned magick and just run with it, let it guide you and have fun - things feel magickal.

Magick is like Tinkerbell, the more you believe in it, the more it works. Things will sync up, stuff will just start working out for you, you'll wonder where all the good luck has been hiding at.

This isn't to say there won't be the ups and downs and the cycles of the human experience - but you'll have more tools available to work with when those things come up.

So, come to Cherry Fizz for the knowledge, stay for the cute pictures of cats, and let me help you boost your luck stat with magick!


Ooo, who is this gal?

What's she gonna do?

Surprise! I'm not actually a cartoon! Okay, maybe I am just a little bit?  My name is Tiffany, nice to meetcha.

I'm here to help you make your own wishes come true. Cue the Disney music. (Doo dee do do doooo)

I'm your Cherry Godmother, here to guide you and teach you magick.

Witch by birth, but your Cherry Godmother through an epic training montage that had a kick-ass guitar riff.

I’m a geek, a Ravenclaw, and I love to learn!  I've got your back as an ally while you learn about witchcraft, life hacks, and all the nerdy things in-between.

I'm your mentor, and I'm here to provide tools as you find your way down your own magickal path. I'll teach you how to grant your wishes (and maybe I'll grant a wish or two for you along the way.)


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